How to make your marketing funny and interesting – I call it “Cartoon Marketing”

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I often hear customers complaining:

To be frank, we have a boring product. So how on earth would you suggest to make it funny and interesting?

Well! It is not a rule that marketing HAS to be funny. Humour, however, is one of the most efficient and fastest gateways to your customers brain, heart and wallet. And that is why CARTOON MARKETING is a brilliant tool.
To me Cartoon Marketing can be defined as:

The properties of a product or a service are “translated” into a fictional character (Cartoon Character) who contains the very same values and attitudes, that you want to communicate about the product or service. Then you make an interesting PLOT-story: Typically we see how the person overcomes or tries to overcome certain obstacles  (Cartoon Story) in order to convince somebody to buy the product or to do something else in life.

This is the first example of  “Cartoon Marketing”:
EPURON is an Australian firm specialised in solar and windenergy.
They could hav chosen to tell a lot about the benefits of wind energy, compared to traditional energy sources. They could have shown one wind mill park after the other. However they did something else.
They used the PLOT-strategy:
The wind is translated into the cartoon character “Mr. Wind”. His problem is that everybody sees him as a nusens. A guy they just want to get rid of.
Suddenly one day, something happens, that changes the life of Mr. Wind. Finally there is a man who accepts Mr. Wind, as the person he is. He invites Mr.Wind to sit next to him and he offers him a job.
Mr. Wind is realising that he has potential and that he can do good in the world. In the end we see the tagline “His potential is ours” and then Epurons logo comes in with another tagline, that says: “INVESTING IN WIND ENERGY”
In this creative way Epuron not only communicates WHAT they are working with, they also tell us WHY they are making a difference, and they show us the obstacles they meet, everytime they try to convince people that wind energy is a good thing.


The next example is about a guy that calls himself JP Sears.
JP is a coach, yoga teacher and dietician.
OMG!!!   Now you probably think: “He has no chance what so ever to make a good profit on that”
Surprisingly enough JP Sears actually is VERY successful, because he uses Cartoon Marketing.
Instead of communicating to your rational brain, JP has invented a character, who in a (to say the least) very grotesque way tries to convince and heale everybody who does not live up to his strict principles of a “Ultra Spiritual Life”.
In short, he makes fun of himself and the alternative health industry he himself is part of. In this way he has (read my lips) attracted 800.000 followers, that has subscribes to his youtube channel.
This of cause generates traffic to his website. So now he has brought himself into a very favorable position. He can (without resistance) tell about the serious side of JP. He does this by showing a lot of convincing customer testimonials. And the costumers love it!
This is one of my Ultra-Spiritual-Life-Favorites:

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Jesper KochHow to make your marketing funny and interesting – I call it “Cartoon Marketing”

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